Our Philosophy

New England Soccer School was created in January 2018 with a vision to facilitate individual player development. At NESS, we are not driven by competition but by a commitment to strengthen every player’s unique skill set. To this end, we offer customized training to players of all ages and competencies. We tailor our schedules, training regimens, and nutritional guidelines to complement every individual’s distinct capacity. Our innovative training sessions value peculiarities and enable players to develop a repertoire of soccer drills and tactics. We guarantee growth in the game and beyond.

We target four major components that are indispensable for progress:


A disciplined and healthy lifestyle is central to any athletic enterprise. Soccer players, in particular, are regarded as the fittest athletes in the world. The exacting nature of the sport requires a sustainable, disciplined, and healthy lifestyle. This entails the basics: a nutritious diet and strict workout routines. To supplement the basics, we also equip players with prehab skills for injury prevention and sustenance.


We believe in an integrated approach to fitness. Alongside physical health, mental well-being is paramount to quality performance. Often the pressure, stigma, and anxiety of failure becomes a major roadblock. We want to help players address their inner anxieties and personal issues which may impede progress.


Gaining a technical understanding of the game and acquiring technical skills is central to sustaining success on the field. Our focus in this compartment is on basic techniques like passing, shooting, dribbling, and ball control. Basic skills help players develop dexterity, finesse, and confidence, which in turn facilitate rapid acquisition of the more complex techniques. Our training methods enable players to remain vigilant and mindful of complex intricacies in the game. They are trained to watch the weight of the ball while passing and juggling, getting the perfect first touch, and controlling the ball using various parts of the body. Players acquire an in-depth understanding of shooting techniques and the value of maintaining finesse, power, volleys, and half-volleys. Alongside technical skills, our sessions offer tremendous technical knowledge and insight that each player uses in his own distinctive way. This includes strategic considerations like anticipating ball movement, checking shoulders before receiving a pass, and lifting the head up while dribbling.


There are multiple tactical moves that a player can use to complement his skills. Understanding various formations, switching the point of attack, position specific play, man markings, zone defense, space allocation, and other tactics to control speed and rhythm of play can help players contribute to their teams and find their own space. We want to equip players with tactical and analytical skills, so they can assess opponents and adjust their craft accordingly.

Umer Palla

  • name Umer Palla
    Age 32 (born 7th August, 1990)

    A native of Karachi, Pakistan, Palla began developing a passion and love for the game at a very young age.
    At 10, he joined local club Karachi Flames FC, one of the city’s premier football clubs, and quickly became one of the program’s top players. During this time, he played in tournaments both across Pakistan and abroad in Malaysia. He was also able to attend the Manchester United Soccer School in Manchester, England, where he learned from Premier League coaches from his favorite club. He later caught interest from the Pakistan U-19 National team and was invited to their camp in 2013.

    His career then took him to the United States where he trained first with coaches from the Houston Dynamo and San Jose Earthquakes Academy before playing for the NCAA Division I University of Massachusetts Minutemen, the NCAA Division III Framingham State University Rams, and NJCAA Bunker Hill Community College, who were the 2015 NJCAA Division III National Championship runner ups.

    After his playing career, Palla quickly transferred his love for the beautiful game into coaching, implementing the lessons he had received as a player from talented coaches across the world. He first served as Athletic Director for Camp Nashoba North before joining the Brimmer and May Boys Middle School Team as Head Coach. He also joined the Brookline Soccer Club, serving as Head Coach as well as being named one of the club’s Technical Directors.

    During the past three years of coaching, Palla has worked one-on-one with young players to help sharpen their skills and build on their fundamentals. Through this, he developed the vision for New England Soccer School to facilitate individual player development. NESS targets four major components that coach Palla deems indispensable for progress: Physical, Psychological, Technical and Tactical. Read more here
    Palla’s passion for the game has never wavered, and his knowledge of the ins and out of coaching and player development helps make NESS the best option for taking your game to the next level.